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    Corolle Miniature Baby Dolls Mini Reve Blue Cotton, Yellow Riviera, Grenadine Stripes Triplets Girls; Caucasian; Blue and Brown Eyes; Holding Blanket; Set Includes Hello Kitty Bonus Sticker; 6 inches

    Price:  $60.00

    Set of 3 Corolle's Minireves are specially designed to go everywhere with your little one while still offered features such as the signature vanilla Corolle scent and the ability to inspire imagination through play. Made from the highest quality materials, Minireves dolls are ready to go anywhere. At just 6 inches tall, Minireves are Corolle's smallest play doll. She is the perfect size to tuck into a baby bag or a pocket.

    Machine washable. Gentle cycle. Friends forever. From birth.

    Hello Kitty sticker is cut around the contour and can be used indoors or outdoors. Sticker has adhesive backing and will not leave a residue when removed. Works great on: windows, bumpers, bikes, lockers and all other flat surfaces.

    Collector's Set of 3 Licensed Corolle Minireves Dolls: Blue Cotton, Yellow Riviera, Grenadine Stripes and Bonus Hello Kitty Sticker
    Each doll is aprx 6 inches tall (15cm). They are the perfect take-along size, easy to fit in a pocket, backpack or suitcase.
    The doll's torso, arms and legs are soft and her head is made from soft vinyl, lightly scented with vanilla. Each Doll is holding a blanket.
    Minireves baby dolls have cuddly soft beanbag bodies and engaging, expressive faces. mon doudou Corolle: Friends forever. From birth.
    Every Corolle doll is styled in France with expertise and emotion. Machine washable. Gentle cycle.